Is Marriage Counselling Right For Your Relationship?

Most couples getting into marriage tend to have a positive outlook on their relationship with the hope that they will spend the rest of their life with their chosen person. However, the rising divorce rate in Australia and the world over should give you some insight as to how hard it can be to make your marriage work. Other than compatibility, you need to also put in a significant amount of effort as well as develop great interpersonal skills for your marriage to be healthy.

So, if you find that the relationship is in decline, it is advisable to consider marriage counselling rather than rushing off to file for a divorce. For those individuals who may have been under the impression that counselling is only for marriages that are at the brink of dissolution, read on for two signs that your relationship may be in need of marriage counselling.

The same arguments over and over again 

Although arguments in a relationship are par for the course, you should be concerned when you find that you and your partner are consistently at loggerheads over the same issues. When you keep having repetitive arguments, it men that the root cause of the problem has not been addressed.  And if both parties think that they are right, you may need an objective ye to guide you through the conflict resolution. A marriage counsellor is the best professional for this, as they will guide you through bringing down the walls you and your partner have put up so that you can address the cause of your negative discourse.

 A breakdown in your communication

When some people think of communication breakdown, they tend to assume that it means that two people cannot get through to each other. The reality, nonetheless, is that a breakdown can refer to a multiple of ways that poor communication manifests. For example, if you find that you cannot express yourself openly to your spouse any more, then you may want to consider marriage counselling to help you voice your thoughts.

Alternatively, if you find that you or your partner are keeping secrets from each other, it does mean that there is a serious issue with your communication. When you sign up for sessions with a marriage counsellor, you and your spouse get the opportunity to express your feelings in a safe environment without fear of any judgement. Furthermore, your counsellor will teach you the proper ways to initiate conversation rather than speaking with the intent of assigning blame to the other party.

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